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Dave Crocker

David H. Crocker is a principal with Brandenburg InternetWorking.  He designs network-based applications businesses and distributed system architectures. His focus is on the creation of Internet-based businesses built on a solid foundation of customer benefit and revenue potential.

Dave worked in the ARPAnet and NSF-CSNet research community during the 1970s and early 1980s, and led product development efforts at MCI and various Silicon Valley companies into the 1990s. He then founded several startup companies, serving as CEO for one. Dave has developed and operated two national email services, designed two others, and was CEO of a community non-profit Internet Service Provider. His senior management product efforts covered email clients and servers, core protocol stacks for TCP/IP and OSI, network management control stations, and knowledge management tools for product support. For his work on email, Dave was co-recipient of the 2004 IEEE Internet Award.

Dave has been leading and authoring Internet standards for forty-five years, covering internet mail, instant messaging, facsimile and EDI. He has also contributed to work on digital identity, internet security, ecommerce, domain name service, emergency services, and even some TCP and IP enhancements. He has authored 65 IETF Requests For Comments. Mr. Crocker served as an Area Director for the Internet Engineering Task Force, variously overseeing network management, middleware and the IETF standards process. His recent efforts have included work on the email anti-abuse techniques of DKIM, DMARC and ARC. He also did a turn as a member of the IETF's administrative and legal oversight bodies (IAOC/Trust).

Dave's curriculum vitae is also available » pdf

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